Obesity Help: What You Need To Know About Obesity

Recent studies have shown that the obesity rate is now reaching 30% in 9 states while it was only 3 states back in 2007. There are literally millions that need obesity help.

obesity helpWhat can we blame obesity on? Is there some big bad obesity monster that has come to take over the US? It sure seems like it. The rates above mean that 2.4 million people have become obese since 2007! This is huge and there are many different causes for obesity and different obesity help that needs to go to people with certain problems.

These obesity facts can be startling as you look around at the people sitting next you to you and wonder how you can help without offending them. You want them to be healthy and get obesity help but there really is not flowery way to ask them if they want help.

Reasons For Obesity

Most of the time overweight and obesity are a result of an energy imbalance. Your body needs a certain amount of energy (which is measured in calories) from the food that you take in to sustain life functions. Your body weight is kept at a healthy level when the calories eaten and the calories expended are equal. If you take in more calories than you burn this is going to cause weight gain.

Other factors that are more difficult to control are genetics, environmental, behavioral as well as socioeconomic factors.

Stop Obesity

The best way to stop obesity is to find out how many calories you should take in per day and then try to stick around this rate each day. Once you get used to this you will not have to count calories because your stomach will shrink and notice when it is full.

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