Desiree Fontaine charged with shoplifting

New Haven, CT television personality Desiree Fontaine was arrested over the weekend and charged with shoplifting. Reports state that Desiree stole a bottle of cologne worth $105. Security staff stopped her at the Milford Mall after the incident. Fontaine has not responded to questions from the media as of this writing June 21.
desiree fontaine
Fontaine was released from custody and promised to make a court appearance on July 7. Desiree’s Twitter account has not had much to “twitter” about and has remained inactive with no activity since Saturday morning. The ABC affiliate where Fontaine is employed, WTNH, has not gone into any specific details. They have, however, acknowledged the shoplifting incident.

Fontaine has been a member of the WTNH staff since fall of 2007. She is a morning traffic reporter and according to her own bio, a host of “Connecticut Style.” Hmmm; a style which apparently requires perfume in the $105 dollar range. Desiree, age 33, was charged with 6th-degree larceny, meaning she stole merchandise valued at less than $500 dollars.

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