Pi Day: Math Lovers Unite

If you love Pi, yes I said Pi not pie, then you are going to love today because it is national Pi Day!! Here in the US it seems like we come up for a day for just about anything so who could resist giving Pi a day too?

pi dayThere are some people that are pretty serious about Pi day however. One girl made a video of herself reciting part of Pi as quickly as possible, another guy wrote a song around Pi.

How are you going to celebrate Pi day? I figured if you were stumped I would give you some suggestions.

Number 1 – Bake 314 pies and write Pi on the pies

Number 2 – Gather 314 skydivers and link bodies to make Pi (pie) in the sky

Number 3 – Dress up a like a large piece of pie and go around using Pi in calculations

Have a great Pi day!

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