Going Out Of Business: 59 Year-Old Sahara Hotel

There is a lot of history at the Sahara hotel but they are actually going out of business. The Sahara Hotel and Casino will be closing its doors for good soon. This was announced March 11,2011. This hotel has 1,720 rooms but as of May 16th you will not be able to stay in any of them.

going out of businessWhat does this mean to jobs in Las Vegas? This hotel/casino has over 1,000 employees so there are going to be more people out looking for work.

In case you do not know which hotel I am talking about it is one that was featured in the Hollywood film Ocean’s Eleven. It was built in 1952 and had been a frequent spot of people such as Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Dean Martin.

With less gambling and fewer conventions because of the downturn in the economy they could not keep the hotel/casino afloat.

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