Ides Of March

Today is the 15th of March and that means that it is the Ides of March in the Roman calender. This term is used for the 15th day of the months March, May, July and October, and the 13th day of the other months. This was a festive day that was dedicated to the god Mars. There was a military parade held on the Ides of March.

ides of marchMost people that think about the Ides of March are most likely thinking about when Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. He was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate. The group was lead by Marcus Junius Brutus, Gauius Cassius Longinus and 60 other members. Julius Caesar was stabbed a total of 23 times!

Caesar saw a seer on the way to the Theatre of Pompey that has foretold that he was going to experience harm no latest than the Ides of March but Caesar did not listen. Caesar joked and said “Well, the Ides of March have come”, the seer quipped “Ay, they have come, but they have not gone.”

You most likely have seen this dramatized in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar and know the famous phrase “beware the Ides of March”.

Besides for Shakespeare there are many other shows that took from this event. You probably remember watching the Simpsons episode “Home the Great” and even “Xena: Warrior Princess”. How about the American rock band from Berwyn Illinois called the Ides of March? Even the handsome Oscar-winner George Clooney is interested in the event. It is said that he is finishing up filming his “Ides of March” which is going to be a movie about a presidential campaign. He is acting and directing, nice work George!

I hope that you have a great Ides of March!

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