Chantal O Brien: What Now?

The season finale of the Bachelor showed poor Chantal O Brien get her heart broken. In lovely South Africa she shed her tears and then had to move on. Brad had found the love of his life in single mom Emily Maynard. Chantal O Brien was quite shocked but what now?

chantal o brienEven though the relationship between brunette Seattle executive assistant Chantal O Brien and the dashing Texas bar owner Brad Womack did not work out Chantal says that she is “in a good place” now. She has actually got herself a boyfriend now. She is dating Seattle businessman Jeff Razore.

Even though there are a few bumps and bruises she says that her experience on the Bachelor sort of opened her up to the dating that she is doing now. She is still living in the same house as on the show and she is working for her Father as his business. It does sound like Chantal O Brien has set up a nice life for herself even after the heartbreak that went on with the Bachelor. Good for you girl!

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