Rebecca Black: Move Over Kim Kardashian

Well the other day I thought that I had heard the worst music every with Kim Kardashian and her song … Jam? Right? I can’t even remember. Well I have to say that I was horribly horribly wrong! I had the unfortunate chance to run across the song Friday by Rebecca Black. I really could not suffer through the whole song.

rebecca blackThe worst thing is that you could tell that her voice was hugely tampered with and she still sounded like a robot that could not sing. Twitter is going wild with people trashing her music and voice as well as trying to figure out how old she is. She is only 13 years old. They are obviously trying to do something similar to Miley Cyrus and get her out there while she is still young but this one doesn’t look like it is working so well.

March 14th was a sad day when this song was released on iTunes as a single. I am really interested to see how many people actually want this thing. Some of the lyrics are just hilarious… tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwards. WOW! I could be a pop star!! I know that Monday comes after Sunday!!!! Anyway my fair guess is that Rebecca Black is going to be around for a long time since she is getting so much attention, even if it is bad attention. I am going to avoid listening to any of it however.


  1. L says:

    the song is not serious – it was on comedy central

  2. Gary says:

    This is insanity. What is wrong with society to hit that song 6.5 million times on youtube? How many talented musicians are out there struggling to make it, that can actually sing! Ridiculous!

  3. Alexander says:

    This is inly popular because It’s so freaking bad When I heard this Jesus Lord forgive me But I could not stop laughing! This is terrible I thought Jam was bad This is the WORST song I ever heard and I think ANYBODY! would agree with me! C’mon! Fun fun fun? What the heck? Which seat should I take!? Oh my God! Matter of fact It’s so stupid I think I am going to watch again for the amusement THAT”S HOW FUNNY IT IS!

  4. Daijah says:

    This girl seriously thinks she sounds good. AHAHAHAHAHA! she makes me laugh. I couldnt stop listening to this song without laughing, DOES SHE KNOW HOW BAD SHE SOUNDS!! OMG OMG this is just funny. I hope she knows its ONLY getting all the hits because its so f@@ing hilarious. This song made me want to go kill myself so i wouldnt have to listen to it again. THIS SONG SUCKS!

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