Oprah rigs votes against Zach Anner rumor

A contest is being held on Oprah Winfrey’s website to find the next Oprah and for the winner to host their own TV show on her network. YouTube’s Zach Anner is competing for the spot. Zach, a victim of Cerebral Palsy, is confined to a wheelchair, but he does not let that hold him back. While rumor has it Oprah may be “rigging” the votes so her favorite wins, some say that is still within the contest rules; currently Zach is in second place.
Zach Anner
The rules state that the producer of the show has the right to amend or change anyone’s eligibility in the contest whenever they wish. Votes on Oprah’s website also don’t guarantee the winner their own show. The five who receive the most votes are to be flown to L.A. where producers will select 10 members for a reality competition on Oprah’s network. The winner of THAT contest will get the new show, and at least one of the top five website contest vote winners will land a spot in the competition show.

Zach, who considers his palsy “the sexiest of the palsies,” pitched several shows in his video including a cooking show, and after rethinking he decided his condition might make that a bit difficult. He thought about a health-related show, but figures his frail body would not provide much for viewers to look at. He ends up pitching an adventure travel show as his final choice. Zach is funny, charming, and his video is worth the watch. Good luck Zach, you have charisma and I know viewers would flock to watch your show. I’m going to vote for you!

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  1. tom Reed says:

    Oprah has treated people with Cerebral Palsy like crap over the years. She needs to stop immediately.

  2. Zane says:

    Oprah hates people with CP, and that’s not right.

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