Mega Millions: Jackpot Goes To More Than $200M

Who wouldn’t like to get their hands on a ton of cash at a good price? No one that is sane that is for sure. The drawing on Tuesday night was the 12th straight drawing that there has been no winning ticket watched with all of the winning Mega Millions numbers. The numbers Tuesday? 10, 11, 12, 28 and 43. Mega Ball: 45 Megaplier of 4x! There were two of 18 tickets that matched five numbers that were sold in New Jersey but no Mega Ball.

mega millionsI am sure you remember the drawing in February when the Mega Millions was hit. February 1st winning tickets were sold in Michigan and in Indiana for a $93M prize! The P1 Gold Lottery Club got half of this prize and split it between its 13 members. The club chose the cash option which was $29 million minus taxes. This group had played the mega millions for 12 years before winning big. They had won $10,000 in the past however.

If you are ready to play for the long haul you may find that you are going to win eventually but you have to consider the amount of money that you have “invested”. Also getting in on a lottery club may to be for the greedy but it may be for people that want to win. Have you been playing the Mega Millions?

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