Red Tibetan Mastiff: Man’s Most Expensive Best Friend

Red Tibetan Mastiff: Man’s Most Expensive Best Friend -
So who wants to pay over 1 million dollars for a dog? I know that they say that money can’t buy love but it looks like money can buy Man’s most expensive best friend. What is fluffy, cute and red all over? A gorgeous Red Tibetan Mastiff of course!

red tibetan mastiffOne lucky Red Tibetan Mastiff was bought for 10 million Chinese yuan or 1.59 million dollars! That is insanity or is it? The multi-millionaire probably didn’t even feel it as he paid the money. He is rolling in the dough! This dog is going to be well cared for as well. This puppy is called Big Splash and was bought by a coal baron from the North of China.

This beautiful big dog is usually used as a guardian of herds, tents, flocks, village, monasteries as well as palaces. The Red Tibetan Mastiff could be pretty terrifying if it were ever to get mad and come after you. Not all mastiffs are as expensive as this one but they may not be the best dog for you if you are looking for a friend to cuddle with. “Big Splash” is going to have plenty of space to be territorial however so he’s found a great fit in his master the coal baron.

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