St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is known in many countries as St. Patrick’s day. This day has become a day to celebrate the Irish people and their culture. When this day started it was actually to celebrate the patron saint St. Patrick. Either way St. Patrick’s Day is plenty of fun.

Some great St. Patrick’s day traditions are:

st patricks dayI am sure that you have your own traditions but these are just some of the top traditions that many people are going to be having fun doing all over the US and other countries as well.

Parades and parties are a big deal on St. Patrick’s day. There is going to be a big parade in NY if you are interested. It starts at 11 am eastern and you can watch it live online through the nyc st. patrick’s day parade’s website.

No matter where you are there will be plenty to do on this great holiday. Don’t forget to wear green today unless you just like to get pinched.

It is believed that the pinched began in the early 1700s. People believed that if you wore green you were invisible to Leprechauns. This was supposed to be a good thing because they would pinch anyone that they could see.

Now pinching people not wearing green is just an American tradition and the Irish people think it is quite crazy and the US actually celebrates St. Patrick’s day much more than the people of Ireland.

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