Blarney Stone: What Is The Deal?

There are a lot of things that make you think about St. Patrick’s Day. One of those things is the Blarney stone. Some people still do not know what this stone is or why it is so important. Let’s look a little bit closer at this traditional stone.

blarney stoneFirst let’s look at the word Blarney. This word simply means to have flattering speech. People that kiss this rock are supposed to be able to get the gift of blarney which means that they will be able to gab in a most pleasant and seducing fashion. Many people have bent over backwards to kiss this Blarney stone.

When I say bent over backwards I am not kidding. You can’t just walk up to this wall and kiss it you must climb to the top of the castle’s peak where this stone is located and then you learn over backwards on the parapet’s edge. You should make sure to take someone with you as they are going to have to help you to achieve this task. Now there are wrought-iron guide rails and protective crossbars that make things much easier.

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