George Mason University

One things that has been clear as the NCAA Tournament 2011 scores have come in is that George Mason University is back again in the Big Dance. They were able to win a close game on Friday which was against Villanova and this allowed them to advance to the next round.

ESPN says George Mason University had to rally back but they really displayed amazing March Madness for fans around the country. There was a late 3-pointer in the game by Luke Hancock and he was the star of the game. Those 3 points pushed the university ahead and then the final play they were able to snatch up a Villanova miss and then toss the ball ahead. This gave them a last second dunk to cap off the win. The game was taken by George Mason University 61-57!

As you may recall, years ago George Mason University was a true Cinderella story. They knocked off several of the top seed teams in the NCAA Tournament. This included UCONN Huskies. It looks like GMU has it together this year though. I am excited to see how far they go.

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