Megan Fox: Playing In A Judd Apatow Project?

It is always interesting to hear where people go after they lose an awesome gig like Transformer and get replaced with another mega hottie. Rumors started floating around about March 16th that she could possibly be involved with a Judd Apatow project which had yet to be titled. There were a few twitter updates that had people wondering as well.

megan foxNow if you look on IMDB you will see that Megan is listed as one of the actresses that is playing in the film. The only thing is they don’t tell you who she is playing of anything so the suspense is still there. We see that there are a few more cast members listed. Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Albert Brooks are the others listed on the page.

Apparently Megan Fox is also involved in some other things right now as well. “The Crossing” is in production right now. “Friends With Kids” is in post-production. We will be seeing more of her soon I believe. If there was anymore to be seen after Jennifer’s Body.

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