Halle Berry: Cover Of March 2011 Ebony Magazine

You just have to love Halle Berry. Not only is she gorgeous but she is a very talented actress. I am not sure how she played catwoman yet. I wonder if she did all of her own stunts.

halle berryThat was one of her least hard to do roles so I am told. She’s also been a bond girl and did the whole coming up out of the water thing. I remember hearing that she said she was actually a little uncomfortable with that part because she was worried about body. Oh please! Halle Berry you have got nothing to worry about.

The cover of March 2011 Ebony magazine was a very sexy cover. She is pictured in a black lingerie-like dress and she is biting into a cherry. She always has been a bit of a sex kitten though right? Halle Berry also did some other really great shots, even one in an old bathtub – interesting.

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