Rebecca Black: Cyberbullying?

Now that I found out Rebecca Black is just a mere 13 years old I understand how she thinks that her song Friday could actually be good music. When I was 13 I wrote lyrics like that but only my mama listened to them. Either way Rebecca Black has been trending on twitter and now has over 18 MILLION views for her Friday video!

rebecca blackApparently Rebecca Black did not like all of the negative talk about her horrible video, lyrics and computerized voice. She said on “Good Morning America” that it almost was like cyberbullying. No, people feel like they are being cyberbullied – by you and that song! Ah Rabecca please find a better song to sing without so much computerized junk on your voice.

You really never can tell if people are really talented these days with all of the computerized stuff that goes on. Remember the Ashley Simpson lip singing deal? That is still a classic. Oh well Rebecca Black if Ashley can get over that you can get over this horrible flop of a song!


  1. Chris says:

    It is just a song. And to be bullied the way she has over the song is sick. And to turn around and say people feel bullied by that song is just as stupid as you say this song is. I might not be a fan of the song, but it’s better than anyone who treats a 13 year old girl like you are. And to say that a 13 year old girl should have the same ability to deal with this as Ashley Simpson is crazy.

  2. John Simpson says:

    I agree with Chris – it’s just a song.
    It’s not like she’s forcing you to listen to it. Sure it isn’t a great, or even good song but that doesn’t mean that she as a person should be the focus of so much hate and backlash, especially for someone aged 13. If you don’t like the song then say so, no need to resort to equating it with cyberbullying.

    Jumping on the “I hate Rebecca Black” bandwagon is a lame topic for a post in my opinion.

  3. Soctane says:

    Rebecca isn’t cyberbullying you. You have the choice to NOT listen to the song. She’s the one being slaughtered and stomped on. Read the comments on YouTube. They are very personal and disturbingly brutal! If you don’t like the song, fine. I don’t either. The production is bad, the lyrics are odd, her performance is goofy. But it ends there. Does it mean that Rebecca Black, a 13 year old girl who was given this fantasy camp video as a gift from her parents, deserves to be tormented like this? Would you like something you wrote or did in the Eight Grade to be splashed all over the internet? Probably not.

  4. tubilard says:

    She didn’t write the lyrics to the song. One of the producers at Ark (read: adult) wrote those horridly inane yet unintentionally parody-like lyrics … imho they are the main reason why the song is big.

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