Elon Musk has run out of cash

Elon Musk has fallen on hard times according to a statement he made in a court filing in February stating he has “run out of cash.” The court filing was that of a divorce filing from wife Justine. Musk invested everything into his business ventures, and lives on approximately $200,000 a month that comes from friends and business associates. This is not considered odd in the entrepreneur world, with many of them in the cash poor but paper rich state because of the amount of funds they’ve invested into their ventures.

Musk is known for his contributions into such endeavors as PayPal and Tesla Motors. This news comes while Elon and Justine are in the middle of a divorce settlement. Justine reportedly asked for their house, alimony, child support, 10% of his Telsa stock, 5% of his SpaceX stock, a Tesla Roadster, and $6 million dollars in cash. The way things are looking right now, Justine may have to wait for any or all of those things.

Elon took up with actress Talulah Riley some time back. He is 15 years her senior. Talulah is currently expected to marry Musk soon, but in the present state of things, that may have to be postponed. While Elon, who turns 39 on his birthday June 28, already has five children from his previous marriage, Talulah has conveyed hopes, also, of having five children of her own with Musk.

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