Forever 21: Donating All Sales To Japan Today

The happenings in Japan shook the heart of the country and many other nations have come together to help. The clothes industry has decided to get involved as well. Well, atleast Jin Sook and Do Won Chang have decided to make a great donation. They announced that all sales made March 18th are going to go to the relief of Japan.

forever 21Forever 21 is a trendy store that has been criticized for copying designer clothes and has actually been sued 50 times for copyright infringement. Although this has happened there is more and more success for this store. This couple came to the US from Korea in 1981. Forever 21 was first opened in 1984.

These billionaires are born again Christians that put the verse John 3:16 on the bottom of each bag. Even if one person sees the verse this couple would be glad that they had printed it on the bottom of their bag. They have been blessed with great success in the store. The first year their profits at Forever 21 went from $35,000 to $700,000.

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