Operation Odyssey Dawn

Whether people like the name or not the US is involved in operation “Odyssey Dawn”. Saturday along the Libyan coast, Western forces hit targets and destroyed tanks as well as armored vehicles in the region of the rebels’ eastern stronghold. This stronghold is Benghazi. They used strikes from the air as well as from the sea and forced Muammar Gadhafi’s troops to stop firing and attacking civilians.

The Libyan state television however said that the airstrikes on several of the cities had wounded 150 and killed 48 in civilian areas. According to the Libyan armed forces the capital Tripoli and other cities such as Benghazi, Misrat, Zuwarah and Sirte were hit.

While no war is pleasant it seems that some of the civilians that were supposed to be being protected are being hit in the crossfire. The US is not alone in this war, the US is fighting along with Britain, France, Canada and Italy in the operation known as “Odyssey Dawn”. Some Twitter followers are remarking that they should have come up with a better name instead of copying an old Jean-Claude Van Damme movie though I hardly think the name is something we should be worrying about right now.

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