Wyclef Jean: Shot In Hand

A spokesman for Wyclef Jean says that his injuries were minor and he was released from the hospital. Jean was shot in the hand just outside of Port-au-Prince in Delmas while he was there supporting fellow musician Michel Martelly in his presidential run. Wyclef Jean and his own presidential run was ended last year.

Haiti Wyclef Jean ShotThe electoral commission decided that Jean was not qualified to run for president. Since this was found out he decided that he would throw his support behind Michel Martelly, even if it was dangerous. This race has been marred with fraud and disorganization. Will things ever get better for Haiti?

Michel Martelly is a star of the Haitian compas music community and is up against Haiti’s former first lady Mirlande Manigat. There were 18 candidates fighting to get in the top two but Martelly and Manigat are it. It will not be until April 16th when the results of the election will be available. Hopefully Wyclef Jean will be safe during the rest of the process.

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