Nick Jonas: Not Up For Hugs

It is so odd to think that the cuddly Nick Jonas doesn’t like hugs! I was surprised to see him in a video giving out hugs on the street. No, that is not what surprised me. What surprised me is that he looked like he was in utter pain and misery.

nick jonasMaybe Nick Jonas is just worn out from the years of being pummeled by beautiful ladies. Maybe he is just sick of the ladies “getting younger and younger” since most of his fans are still in the tween age. Disney has made this sound more appealing to many but still the young girls are the ones that love it the most. Nick Jonas may need to learn how to be a little more personable if he wants to stay in the public eye.

Maybe he is just in a bad mood because of all of the mess that has been going on with Demi Lovato. She is in rehab for what is supposedly an emotional breakdown but no one really knows. Both Nick and Joe are keeping pretty tight lipped about the whole thing. Are they keeping silent out of loyalty to Demi or because they really don’t want to be associated with her anymore?

***Addition – Here is the video of Nick Jonas not liking hugs. Nick Jonas Video


  1. Quinn says:

    Oh shutUP. He is personable! Dude he’s been in the music industry for what, five years?
    Quit picking on him. He knows what hes doing. And everyone has off days. Don’t give him
    Crap because he wasn’t having a great day. It happens to all of us; but we see his on camera.

  2. chelsea engelhart says:

    this article is soo b.s iv seen nick hug fans before he never seems to be in any pain these people are making this up nick is the sweetest guy ever

  3. Brook says:

    I have to agree with Chelsea, this article is BS!

  4. jeng says:

    Awe, poor Nick. He has said that he doesn’t like being touched. So hugs are just a painful necessity!

  5. Tori says:

    He stood outside after hours of Les Mis rehearsal in London for an hour to hug and give autographs. To every single fan! If that’s not dedication and appreciation I can’t imagine what is. Don’t dis him just to get response to your article. Odds are you don’t get how he’s such a good person. After years of being chased everywhere he appreciates every bit of it.

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