Rebecca Black: Youtube Sensation And More

Well, I finally listened to the whole song Friday. I have to say that Rebecca is very cute and lovable. I saw the video of and was really confused about why obvious 13 year old looking kids were driving and partying out by themselves but other than that, the fast that it reminds me of baby baby baby oh! and the nasally sound it is a catchy song.

rebecca blackYou know what I really think though? I believe this is all a clever marketing trick. They get everyone and I mean everyone paying attention to Rebecca Black whether it is good or bad and whatever she comes out with next is going to instantly hit the top of the youtube views as well. The people making Rebecca’s music couldn’t probably care less if it is good or bad attention she is getting – I mean hey, she beat out Justin B. on iTunes!

I am concerned for Rebecca Black and how some of the comments will affect her. I understand people saying things like they don’t like the song and everything but when I heard that people had told her to go cut herself or go get an eating disorder that is just insane! Rebecca, if you’re reading this – you’ve got a sweet heart, slow things down a little bit and sing something your age. You can always grow up later!

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