Network Solutions

Those of you interested in running a successful business online know that you have to show your customers and potential customers that their information is going to be safe when they purchase. No one wants to purchase online and find out that their credit card information has been hi-jacked. If you have a site that people trust you are going to have much better conversion rates and less people that leave the shopping cart. Network Solutions is helping people create that trust for their customers.

Network Solutions understands that you need to let customers know that their sensitive data is not going to be compromised online. This is why they have added Xpress SSL certificates, domain validated SSL certificates that feature state-of-the-art 256 bit encryption to its suite of nsProtect Secure SSL cretificate services. They believe that this is going to be the security solution that webmasters have been in search of.

This is meant for business owners that who transact or collect personal information on their websites. When you use the Xpress SSL certificates you will be offered fast issuance (about 15 minutes) through Network Solutions. This is quoted from Rob Vieyra, vice president of Product Management “For businesses that only need limited validation our Xpress SSL Certificate offers a simple, automated validation process,” as well as “This process saves business owners time by removing additional validation checks and is a perfect security solution for non-critical applications.”

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