Derek Hough: Where Is He?

If you caught season 12 of Dancing With The Stars tonight you may have noticed that they have cast some pretty great people this year. I mean come one, who doesn’t love Kristie Alley and Hines Ward and some of the other people that were cast this year? There were a lot of favorites. Where is Derek Hough though?

derek houghDerek Hough, have you ran away my friend? According to sources he is with his girlfriend. He is dating the British babe Cheryle Cole and rumors say he decided to stay with her instead of appearing on Dancing With The Stars. I wondering if that really is true. His sister Julianne Hough is no where in sight either.

Maybe some more information will end up coming out but sometimes they keep things very hush hush just to get people interested and speculating. Oh hey, I know what they should do. They should have Julianne and Derek surprise everyone by showing up and doing a dance on the last show. Brilliant!


  1. Shankapotumus says:

    Derek is doing a movie called Cobu 3D, which starts shooting in April. Julianne is doing a movie called Rock of Ages. Derek has plans to be back in the fall.

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