Kendra Wilkinson: Dancing With The Stars

Since there are so many other mean-spirited posts out there about Kendra Wilkinson I am going to keep this one sweet. Kendra looked very beautiful tonight in the sparkling blue. Her hair was gorgeous as well. Kendra Wilkinson seemed like she was having a good time dancing with her partner.

Kendra WilkinsonEven though it did look like she was putting in a lot of effort her and her partner did not get the best score. They only got a total score of 18. Others were bringing up her stripper past and how it could possibly help her. I actually think that the stripper dancing help Kendra Wilkinson back because she was having a hard time with the ballroom dancing and I noticed a lot of lagging behind.

Either way I am sure that plenty of guys will be watching the show because of this ex-stripper, playboy beauty. There is still time to redeem herself and I am sure that her partner is going to give her a good pep talk when they get back to practice. Who is excited to see what is going to happen next?


  1. LarryO says:

    Truth is, she’s a stripper, not a dancer.

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