NBC news anchor Thomas Roberts sexual abuse victim

News anchor Thomas Roberts co-hosted ABC’s “The View” with actor/comedian DL Hughley acting as moderator. Roberts, also, was a victim of sexual abuse by a former Catholic priest. Roberts has had a long career in the media. He worked his way up from a small cable station in Maryland to CNN and onto a stint as NBC news anchor.

Roberts remained silent about the sex abuse he suffered while at Calvert Hall College High School for years. The abuser was Father Jerome F. Toohey Jr. In 2005, Roberts came forward to testify against his abuser. In 2007, Roberts discussed the details of his experience as a sex abuse victim with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a segment known as “Sins of the Father.”

Toohey pleaded guilty to the abuse charges and received a sentence of five years in jail. He spent only 10 months behind bars, however. He served another 8 months under house arrest. It is tragic that someone in a position of responsibility, and respect, tormented who knows how many innocent victims, and was not even required to serve full sentence.

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