Amazon App Store

Tuesday morning the Amazon app store opened. January 2011 was when Amazon first announced it was going to be working on its own app store. Apple quickly took Amazon to court over trademark infringement. They believe that naming it the Amazon app store is going to confuse customers.

The Amazon app store is going to be some serious competition that is for sure. They are offering a free paid app every day, one click purchasing as well as the ability to try out apps before buying them. When you buy an app you have 15 minutes to try it and return it unlike Apple since they do not offer trials with iOS devices.

Another reason that the Amazon app store will most likely be very successful is because people trust Amazon. Amazon has worked very hard to keep everyone’s information safely stored on the site. When your information is stored on the site you will be able to easily purchase your apps. The Amazon app store will also have an application where you can get other applications through.

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