Kristen Schaal: Who Wouldn’t Love Her?

Kristen Schaal is quite the quirky little lady. She may have a very “different” look than many of the famous folks that you see but she works it! One thing is for sure – you can’t forget that face. Kristen Schaal redefines beauty with her look.

Now Kristen Schaal is up to some new tricks. She has done some hilarious commercials for Sony Ericsson smart phone. There are some that you may not be interested in watching with your kids but if you like adult type humor you’ll love them. Kristen Schall is hilarious in these commercials.

This American actress, writer and comedian is best known for her role as Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords and she is also a contributor on The Daily Show. If you can’t get enough of Kristen Schaal then you have to check out these videos.

Watch Kristen Schaal Videos

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