US Cellular: Picking Up More Customers?

AT&T Inc announced a deal to buy T-Mobile USA for a whopping $39 billion. This may make US Cellular relatively smaller but it could be more valuable. Not only as an operator but as a potential acquisition. The competition is getting bigger but this underdog may have time to show off. I know many people that use US Cellular and are happy with the service.

US Cellular is a 28-year-old Chicago-based company. This company could pick up some disgruntled customers according to analysts on Monday which was a day after AT&T’s announcement. “It actually could be a good thing for U.S. Cellular and some of the other smaller players that are out there,” said James Brehm, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “It might play nicely, where they would be able to beef up around the edges of their existing territories.”

This is a pretty big deal and it will have to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission. It would make AT&T and T-Mobile the nation’s largest wireless network with nearly 130 million subscribers combined. Little bit US Celluarl only has about 6.1 million subscribers and only 26 states which are mainly in the Midwest.

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