Conference: Most Popular Way To Have A Conference

I am sure that you have seen the trend of less and less personal contact. Who would have thought that many business people are meeting over the internet instead of actually coming together in one place. This certainly does make sense when it comes to the pocketbook but are there drawbacks? Is the old fashioned conference out?

While I seriously doubt that the old fashioned conference is out I surely do think that small business owners are taking advantage of web conferencing software. One of the most popular video conference software is Skype. Small business owners do not usually have the budget to travel around and network so this is a great option for them. Having a conference on Skype is better than having no conference at all.

Do you believe that this trend is going to keep going until we all remain in our houses and work at home having no contact with each other. While there are some jobs that require people to actually get out such as the mail person or grocery store clerk but there are many other jobs that people are working right from home and why not with the souring gas prices? Still I do not think you can ever beat a face to face conference.

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