Christina and Ali cystic fibrosis victims win unanimously on America’s Got Talent

Two sisters, Christina and Ali, have the deadly lung disease known as cystic fibrosis. They had the opportunity recently to appear on the Wednesday night airing of “America’s Got Talent.” The girls are ages 13 and 20. The girls have been told since they were young that their disease would prevent them from singing.

Apparently, that is not the case. The girls wondered if they would survive their cystic fibrosis long enough to be able to appear on stage. On top of that hurdle, being able to sing once on there was another concern. But their determination and faith led them to their goal on stage, where they performed the Miley Cyrus song “The Climb.”

The judges were captivated by their performance. A unanimous decision by the judge panel will send the girls on to Las Vegas, where they will compete for the championship title for “America’s Got Talent.” Only a few years ago, victims with cystic fibrosis rarely survived their elementary school years. Thanks to research advancements and earlier diagnosis methods, half of the sufferers of this disease live to be 18 years of age or older. It is heartwarming to see two young girls pursuing their dream, even if the face of such adversity; we all have something to learn from them.


  1. George says:

    I really do know the stars in this case will only be here for a minute longer. I have two. one has gone home to be with Jesus at 24 years old. the other had just received two lungs. Please people of the world, really try to understand these babies will not be here very long so please don’t be so hurtful to them.

    “Have compassion” Thank you Lacy Bryant for this piece on CF. (I don’t know if people noticed the song was & is not sung very long? thats because of their lungs. it is very hard for just what these girl are doing. I lived with my baby girl before she left this world and it was very hard for her to just walk,let alone sing, she did this too.)

  2. Keri Hegel says:

    My cousin had Cystic Fibrosis. People dont know what they go through and what the family and friends go through to see a loved one in the hospital. It is very hard to see and i know how family’s feel with family in the hospital.

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