RIMM: Allowing Android Applications

Well it looks like RIMM or Research In Motion is going to allow Android applications to run on its PlayBook tablet device. This mobile-device maker said it is going to explain the application ecosystem for the Playbook. It is going to do this by launching tow so-called “app players” which will allow Google Inc’s Android operating system and BlackBerry Java apps to run.

RIMM is expected to have these app players available this summer. We believe this is why Steve Jobs got the iPad 2 launched before summer. He was very wise to get a jump on the competition. RIMM is no dummy either since people are going to be in the buying mood whenever the weather is nice and summer vacation is going on. The tablet is expected to be available on April 19th.

There has been a sharp jump in popularity for the Android mobile platform. This could be because it its use is expanding among popular phones. There are going to be three models of the PlayBook that are going to be available according to what RIMM said Tuesday. Both the iPad and the new PlayBook are going to be around the same price.

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