American Idol 2011 Results Night: Surprise Twist

Leave it up to American Idol to have you biting your fingernails down to the very last minute. I am surprised that all of the contestants don’t have bad hearts by now with all of the twists and turns but last night was one of the biggest twists thrown so far. The show had promised that there was going to be a twist but we were not expecting this twist out of American Idol.

american idol 2011 results nightLast night American Idol favorite Casey Abrams ended up landing in the bottom 3. No one is really sure how this happened. Did all of his supporters suddenly stop voting? Whatever happened the American Idol 2011 results night had Abrams, Thia and Stefano in the bottom 3.

Well no one should have been sweating simply because no one was going home last night. What!? No one was going home? Yes, that is right, there are going to be 11 people going on tour. This means that next week on American Idol there is going to be a double elimination. Can the next American Idol 2011 results night shock us again?

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