Nintendo 3DS: Good For Children’s Eyes?

Most of the time you try to get your children to get away from the entertainment devices because it hurts their eyes. Experts are saying otherwise about gadgets such as the Nintendo 3DS. They say it may actually be good for children. Why? They say that playing these games and watching 3D films could act as a way for doctors to be able to find eye problems in children who had been too young to test.

nintendo 3dsIf the doctor sees your child playing the Nintendo 3DS or other 3D game and finds that the child has problems seeing the 3D images they could be suffering from a condition such as “lazy eye”. Other more difficult to diagnose problems also could be found viewing in 3D as well.

The claims state that optometrists have declared the increased popularity of the Nintendo 3DS and other 3D game consoles and films as a great opportunity to detect eye problems earlier than every before. These claims are under quite a bit of suspicion from parents who have seen their children have headaches after playing a game for long amounts of time.

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