Mega Millions Winner: Powerball Numbers

Friday night’s Mega Millions Lottery saw one winning ticket for the $312 million dollar grand prize. The ticket was sold in New York so if you bought a ticket be sure to check your numbers. The winning numbers for Friday’s draw were 22, 24, 31, 52, 54 and the mega ball was 4. Congratulations to the Mega Millions winner of the 6th largest prize in Mega Millions history.

mega millions winner

Saturday night saw another big lottery take place. The $153 million dollar Powerball lottery took place, however no tickets were sold with all of the winning numbers.  The Powerball numbers for Saturday were 4, 10, 11, 19, 33, and 27. The Mega Millions winner will be the only big winner this weekend as the  Powerball numbers didn’t match any tickets sold.

In Saturday’s Powerball draw there were 12 tickets sold that matched 5 of the numbers. These winners will will take home $200,000 or if they played the Powerplay also they would take home a $1 million dollar prize. The next big draw will take place Wednesday March 30, 2011. Since the Powerball numbers last night did not payout a jackpot the next draw will be even bigger, however not as large as the Mega Millions winner prize.

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