Time Warner: iPad TV App

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out something else comes out. Time Warner has a new iPad TV app out. There are many people very excited about it. There are also a few people that are pretty upset about it.

time warnerAs far as I can tell Time Warner is doing nothing wrong but programmers see it a different way. One of the major players in Hollywood is taking this company to court. I am not sure what they stand to gain out of it but they claim this is a violation. I am just guessing they want to get more money out of Time Warner.

This app allows users to stream their cable subscription on to their iPad. Yes, this is what Hollywood folks are so upset about but mainly because they want to charge more money for the services they are already providing. I seriously doubt that they are going to be able to stop this. They may be able to make Time Warner pay more money however.

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