Virginia Commonwealth University: VCU Beats Kansas in NCAA Basketball

The last remaining number 1 seed, the University of Kansas was ousted by the Virginia Commonwealth University. This means that they are going to advance to the national semi-finals at college basketball’s men’s championship. This is a great win for Virginia Commonwealth University.

The 11th-ranked Virginia Commonwealth University beat Kansas 71 to 61. This all happened at the Alamodome in San Antonio. They won the Southwest Regional and are now set up for a Final Four meeting with Bulter on April 2nd. The Virginia Commonwealth University is the third number 11 seed to reach the Final Four in the Nation Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament.

The nine tournaments prior to this had never seen VCU make it past the second round. Kansas was hoping they would get a fourth NCAA title in its 40th trip to the tournament. 2008 was the last time that they had reached the Final Four and this is also when they won.

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