Awkward Family Photos

We all have a few family pictures that we wish that we could hide. That one with the back fat or the bad hair do. It seems that no matter how many times we throw it away or burn it someone else has another copy. Awkward family photos is a website as well as a book that has compiled photos that are, well… awkward!

awkward family photosI went onto the site and found some pretty interesting looks pictures. I have to say the winner in my book was the one where the boys were giving each other wedgies – odd! This surely is going to get a lot of laughs out of people. The founder of awkward family photos say this is just the beginning.

Now there are plans for an awkward pet photos book as well. That one should go pretty well because animals are always doing something to make you feel awkward. Mike Bender is the co-founder on this project and says that they are looking into television and greeting cards as well. If you want to check out Awkward Family Photos you can go to their website :

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