Celebrity Apprentice March 27 2011: Who Got Eliminated?

Tonight was the fourth episode of the reality series by Donald Trump. The task tonight was very interesting. The teams had to write and produce a commercial for a video phone. Celebrity Apprentice March 27 2011 was titled “Off The Hook”.

Celebrity ApprenticeLil John was the project manager of the Backbone team. NeNe Leakes was the project manager of the A.S.A.P. team. There was as usual a lot of drama but isn’t that what we all like watching it for? Who got the thumbs down from the Donald on the Celebrity Apprentice March 27 2011?

Tonight we had to say bye bye to Dionne Warwick as he got to hear the phrase “You’re fired!” There was no final boardroom. She got fired because she implicated herself in the boardroom saying that she would fire herself and even hinted to Trump that he should. Those are the results for the Celebrity Apprentice March 27 2011.

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