Amy Adams: Lois Lane

Everyone knows how exciting the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane is. The people who were casting had a difficult time figuring out who would play the parts. It is always pretty difficult when you are casting for such a popular role. Well the lovely Amy Adams is going to be playing Lois Lane in Superman: Man Of Steel.

amy adamsAmy Adams is a three-time Oscar nominee. She is 36 and will be starring opposite of Henry Cavill who is 27 years old. Zack Snyder said that there was a “big, giant” search for Lois and that they did a lot of auditioning but when they met Amy Adams they felt that she was perfect for the role.

I agree with the decision for Lois Lane. I believe that Amy Adams is going to be a great fit for the part and will do the character justice. Superman: Man Of Steel will be coming out in 2012 and is currently in pre-production. I am sure there will be more information leaking out about the film as the release date comes closer.

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