Losing Weight: Mississippi Holds Heavy Weight Title

Sure, we all know that America and obesity seem to go hand in hand these days. You can not look around very long without seeing someone that is struggling with their weight. There is one state that has two thirds of their population at over weight however and that is Mississippi. Losing weight in this state seems to be almost impossible.

Losing weight however is not impossible in Mississippi or any other state for that matter. Motivation is the problem that many people struggle with. I am not sure who has told people that were over weight that it is an unreachable goal to get to the weight that they desire but losing weight is a matter of science.

If you eat right and exercise you can maintain your weight. If you reduce your caloric intake you can reduce your weight. There are some up and down times but overall this is the basics of losing weight. The residents in Mississippi say they are ready to pass on this heavy weight title to someone else.

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