QuiBids: Upping The Monthly Win Limit

If you haven’t heard of QuiBids it is a pretty cool place to check out. Basically you sign up, buy bids and if you were the last one to bid then you get the product that you bid on. It’s pretty simple but the prices that things are going for on there is insane. I have a feel I will be visiting QuiBids more now that I know about it.

quibidsQuiBids just sent out a press release stating that the site is going to be upping the monthly win limit. Before you were only allowed to win 8 times but now you are going to be able to win 12 times a month. Jeff Geurts, who is QuiBids’ CFO, says “We believe our customers will see more value to the site by raising the monthly win limits.” He added “We’ve had a lot of customer feedback to raise the limits, so we’re giving our customers exactly what they want.”

There are about 15,000 plus auctions each day and this is the largest auction site of its kind. The limits are set in place to make sure that a few people do not take all of the goodies each month. The daily limit is 3 wins per user. QuiBids loves to make things fun for its users.

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