Japan Relief Operation

After the horrible earthquake, tsunami and then the radiation Japan has been hit by a lot. The U.S. is attempting to make some sort of dent in the problems that have happened there. Many people are still stranded in isolated parts of the country and do not have the very basic things that are needed. The Japan relief operation has been seeing some success however.

japan relief operationThe Japan relief operation that has been underway has had helicopters from the U.S. Navy coming down to drop off food supplies and some blankets to people who are very much in need. Many times the people do not even have a way to heat. Gasoline and Kerosene are something that is being requested from some areas. The Japan relief operation will have to go on for quite some time.

Even still the helicopters are looking for more survivors so that they will be able to take them the relief that they so desperately need. When the helicopters set down you can really tell how thankful the people receiving the aid are. The people manning the helicopters must be watched carefully in case they are affected by the radiation that is in some areas. Even though it may be dangerous Japan relief operation goes on.

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