DWTS Results March 29: Dancing with the Stars Results March 29

There were thousands of people waiting for the DWTS results March 29. The show was very exciting and surely had some great dancing. Everyone wants to know who is going to be the first one to go home however. There was some improvement for a few of the stars from last week but nothing huge to talk about in ranking change.

dwts results march 29Ok fine I will tell you the DWTS results March 29. Love Line co-host Mike Catherwood also known as KROQ-FM’s “Psycho Mike” and Lacey was the first to have to go home. Being the first to be sent home on the 12th season of Dancing With the Stars has got to stink. There was even a four-point improvement from one week to the next but that just was not enough.

Mike said that the time he spent on the show was nothing but pleasurable. His radio fans and the entire staff of DWTS did not go without thanks either. He also gave glowing reports of Lacey Schwimmer for being beautiful inside and out. There you have it – those are the DWTS results March 29.

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