Dancing With The Stars Results: Who Got Voted Off DWTS

Last night the first elimination show of the season for Dancing With The Stars took place. After competing for two nights the contestant scores and the viewers votes were tabulated and one couple was sent home. In the bottom three this week were former boxing star Sugar Ray Leonard, talk show host Wendy Williams, and “Love Line” co host Mike Catherwood. The Dancing With the Stars Results and who got voted off DWTS¬† were revealed at the end of the show.

Who got voted off DWTS

Last nights episode also featured performances by singing star Chris Brown. The pre-recorded performance of a few of his songs featured some great dancing by Brown and his back up dancers. The show put on by Brown lead up to the Dancing With The Stars results. After much suspense it was announced that Mike Catherwood was who got voted off DWTS.

The dancing of Catherwood, who was partnered with Lacey Schwimmer, was not up to par. He did score higher in this weeks dance than the one on the previous Monday, however it was not enough. With the viewers votes and the judges scores combined Catherwood was sent packing. Tune in next week to the performances and the Dancing With The Stars results and then you will see why who got voted off DWTS.

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