Carla Gugino: Plays Elektra Luxx

I am not sure where you first saw Carla Gugino but I remember my first time encountering this talented beauty. I saw her on Spy Kids as the exciting retired spy mom. The other movies of course were more anticipated because they just kept getting better and better. Well Carla Gugino is surely playing a different kind of role this time around.

carla guginoThis time around Carla Gugino is playing Elektra Luxx. This lady has a lot going on this is for sure. She is a retired porn store that is now pregnant with late rock star Nick Chapel. Carla Gugino plays a character that is trying to make it by being a sex education teacher for housewives in the area.

The movie looks like it is going to be a real laugh and a good plot all over. Carla says that she had a great time playing the part and that it was “fantastic”. She does not exactly agree with profession of a porn star but she had a good time playing the part. Carla Gugino was a blond for the film and says they surely do get more attention.

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