Maryland Lottery: $30,000 Dollar Lottery Ticket Found In Church Offering

If you play the Maryland lottery I am not sure if your first thought after winning would be to put your winning ticket into the offering plate. That is what happened in one Baltimore parish however. The church was struggling but there was a scratched off lottery ticket in the offering plate. The Maryland lottery confirmed that the ticket was indeed at $30,000 dollar winner.

maryland lotteryNo one knows who put the lottery ticket into the offering. The pastor said he had to ask if the ticket was a winner because he “had no clue really”. The money is going to go towards operating costs but the pastor says he hopes that some of the money can go to help those that are in need. The Maryland lottery did not release the name of the church.

This unexpected windfall was greatly appreciated by the church but they still face financial struggles. The pastor was smiling as he said that he intended to buy $5 worth of Mega Millions tickets for Friday night’s drawing which has a jackpot of $312 million. I didn’t know that preachers played the Maryland lottery or any other lottery for that matter.

The donated winning ticket was purchased at #1 Liberty Mart, located at 8625 Liberty Rd. in Randallstown.

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