Small Business: Big Discounts For Online Business

As more small business owners find that the cost of business seems to be rising there is a hero on the horizon. I am sure that you have heard of groupon which will allow users to buy at discount rates. They put the offer up for a day and then it’s gone. Well there is something like groupon but for small business.

small businessThis site is called It focuses on allowing small businesses to find what they are looking for at a discounted price. Van Jepson who is CEO and founder of says that he understands that business owners do not have the time of day to try to look through things that they need. He goes on to say that his site will compress it where you only have to spend about 5 minutes of your time looking.

One of the best things about this site is that the deals do not go off as quickly as groupon’s deals go off. Their deals usually stay up about a week so that the small business owners will be able to take a good look and decide if this is a good business investment. This might be a good place to check out if you are looking for some good deals for your business.

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