April Fools Pranks

It seems that people have got April fools pranks on their minds. It is very important that you are the fooler and not the foolee. It can be pretty embarrassing to be fooled on April 1st but it sure is fun to fool others. Let’s look at some April fools pranks that you can pull on others.

april fools pranksWhen it comes to April fools pranks there are some extreme ones that you can pull and some that are just a little funny. If you are looking on the serious side you should get some props. One of the props that you may consider is getting bloody hands. You can put them up your sleeves and in the morning you can come in running and saying help!! That will scare the daylights out of most people.

You could also fool someone with a fake lottery ticket. You may get hit however. The fake lottery ticket will say “You have won x amount of dollars” and then when they flip it over the ticket will say “You can redeem this at ‘Yo mama’s house’”

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