Yankees: Fans Celebrating New Season And Win

Today was a great day for the Yankees. Yankee fans were out in full force even though the weather was not the best. These ball fans are serious about their baseball and they are not going to be scared away by a little bad weather. It’s a good thing that they showed up to support their beloved Yankees.

yankeesThe Yankees were able to pull off the opener. They were not even sure that Curtis Granderson was going to be able to play because of a strained oblique muscle and he ended up hitting a home run that was able to push his team ahead on opening day. The Yankees were able to enjoy a 3-6 victory over the Tigers.

This is true to form for Granderson however. This was the third consecutive Opening Day home run for him. Granderson was dealt to the Yankees in Dec 2009. He was the biggest chip in a three-way trade that also sent Coke to the Tigers from New York. Maybe this season is going to be a good one for the Yankees.

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